Polk County, FL kicks off pilot project using AFIX Tracker FR

Release Date:  May 1, 2019 Maxar Technologies was recently accompanied by Secure Planet to the Polk County, FL Sheriff’s office to assist with kicking off their pilot of AFIX Tracker FR (Facial Recognition). AFIX Tracker FR provides all the fingerprint and palm print, friction-ridge identification features of the AFIX Tracker system, plus adds industry-leading facial identification capabilities. Maxar Technologies and Secure Planet are making AFIX Tracker FR available to all current AFIX Tracker customers through a no-cost pilot and will also extend the same offer to any new customers interested in seeing what law enforcement and other government agencies of all sizes have already discovered–that AFIX Tracker systems are easier to use and more cost effective than other biometric identification systems. Please contact us today to begin your free pilot.