AFIX Biometric Identification

Providing biometric solutions throughout the United States and the world.

Proven. Cost Effective. Easy to Use.

The AFIX suite of products delivers the best in biometric identification systems – with an unmatched personal touch.

Getting it right matters. We put powerful biometric ID tools within your reach and your budget, then we deliver the on-site training and ongoing live technical support to ensure your success.

Are you...

Maxar Forensic Investigator

A forensic investigator with a
latent fingerprint?

Maxar Soldier

A soldier separating civilians
from combatants?

Maxar Corrections Officer

A corrections officer preparing to
release a prisoner?

Maxar Real Time Crime Analyst

A real time crime analyst?

At Maxar, we don't just match prints, we match needs. Let us configure a biometric identification system to match yours.

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Harrison County Sheriff's Office, Mississippi

"They provide immediate, helpful, and friendly customer support. The IT department is top notch and is always available to answer questions big or small. It's wonderful that a person actually...

Pensacola Police Department, Florida

"We had 32 AFIX hits in only one month and over half were from palms!!! We are keeping our detectives busy making arrests."

Mattoon Police Department, Illinois

"The AFIX system quickly became an invaluable tool in the management of fingerprint data."

Gulfport Police Department, Mississippi

"Since 1996, we have only seen a couple of fingerprint cases go to court. Over the last year our agency has made over 50 idents. We also use AFIX Tracker for side-by-side...

Irving Police Department, Texas

"The AFIX system is the most stable network of computers we have, requiring little to no maintenance. Since implementation of the Verifier, our prisoner release error rate has gone to...

Tuscaloosa Police Department, Alabama

"We have had several cases where AFIX Tracker was essential to the investigation.

The first is a case where an unknown suspect was stealing cars, keeping them for...

Rock Island Police Department, Illinois

"To date, we have had 38 hits out of 130 cases entered. I highly recommend AFIX Tracker and am delighted with the results we have gotten so far. We are looking forward...

Polk County Sheriff's Office, Florida

"The advantage of utilizing AFIX Tracker is your ability to set your search criteria, and your ability to control the quality of the images in the database."

Wise County Sheriff’s Department, Texas

“Our agency recently solved a 2 year, 3-month-old case using AFIX Tracker, and the bad guy finally got arrested.”

Brookhaven Police Department, Georgia

“The night before we were getting our new AFIX system installed, our officers were involved in a chase with two carjacking suspects. The individuals fled our jurisdiction and became involved...

Clarke County Sheriff’s Office, Alabama

“This kind of investigative ability allows our agency to be more self-reliant and lessen our dependence on other agencies, while at the same time provide assistance for other law enforcement...